Pricing Guns and Labels 

We carry a variety of quality brand name Pricing Guns and Labels. Pricing guns from popular brands such as Monarch labelers allow you to change labels and ink quickly, and are durable and efficient. We also carry all-purpose and removable price labels in a variety of colors and styles. Most pricing guns allow one or two line print styles.

Pricing guns are an excellent way to mark down items and quickly hold closeouts. ShopSaleSigns offer affordable pricing guns to meet the needs of retailers and business owners for end of the year sales, special promotions and clearances.

Our Monarch 2-Line Labeler is an excellent addition to any retail store or business. This pricing gun comes with a durable, high quality labeler to put you in control of your store’s pricing. Change out ink and label cartridges in seconds with this ergonomically designed pricing gun. This model comes with general adhesive making it one of the universally used pricing guns on the market. This model is also effective in refrigerated units and in low temperature freezers.

Our Monarch 1-Line Labeler comes with the same general-purpose label adhesive as our 2-Line model and a user-friendly design for quick use. Communicate the pricing that you want your customers to see without the mess.

ShopSaleSigns also offers labels for pricing items in your store. Our 2-Line Green General labels come in rolls of 1,500 with 15,000 labels per pack. This is perfect for inventory and price changes in your store. The green coloring will give your customers the definitive price they are asking for with minimal questions. Customize your pricing with up to 7 characters on each of the two lines offered by these labels. Our 2-Line Orange General Purpose labels offer the same features, but in fluorescent orange. Conduct your sales and promotions effectively with our pricing guns and accessories.