Price Tagging Guns and Barbs 

Choose quality Price Tagging Guns and Barbs from brands such as Tach-It, Simba Tag'ngo and Avery. Price Tagging Guns and Barbs are available for standard or heavy-duty use. Our selection of price tagging barbs are available in standard, heavy duty, colored, fine fabric, and J-hook price tagging barbs. We also adhesive tagging mounts, and carry loops and ties for price tagging guns

  • Loops and Ties for Tagging Guns

    Loops and Ties for Tagging Guns

    adjustable security loops are ideal for attaching tags to articles that are hard to price by hand.
  • Tach-It Tagging Gun

    Tach-It Tagging Gun

    The best gun in the business for attaching to clothing, towels, furniture, canvas, shoes, and many other fabrics.
  • Tagging Gun

    Tagging Gun

    The ergonomically designed tagging guns have pistol grips for greater comfort, safety, and productivity.