Retail Price Cards 

We carry a large assortment of retail suitable for all your pricing needs. Retail price cards are available in a wide variety of styles, shapes, colors and messages. Our selection of retail price cards includes designer border price cards, fluorescent price cards, contemporary price cards, holiday themed price cards and much more.

Choose from our large inventory of price cards for your next retail promotion or sale. ShopSaleSigns is proud to offer price cards for every occasion including sales cards, fluorescent price cards and waterproof models.

Our standard 5 ˝ x 7 price cards are offered in two different colors. Choose from red or green to match the décor or inventory in your store. These cards are excellent for displaying sales and promotions information to all of your customers. Increase closeouts and clearances by communicating pricing for all of your store’s items through 100 packs of our cards. Choose from our “Sale” model or a blank model to add your own sales copy for specific items.

Our Flourescent Price Cards are great for giving customers an attention getting means of seeing discounts and sales. Use this model for price reductions in your store with the “Reduced” signage on the front. These cards come with a blank space on the front of the card so you can add pricing information or details about your promotion. Our waterproof cards are an excellent addition to any retail business. Choose from our extensive inventory for the right shape and color. Never worry about your promotional information smudging with our waterproof material. If you need a quick option for closeouts or sales, use our self-stick price cards. These units stick onto items and come with a blank space for adding your own copy. Remove them easily with the minimal adhesive on the back.