Policy Signs 

Policy Signs are used to display a variety of messages boldly and clearly. Use policy signs to let customers know about sales items, return policies, and more. Brilliant fluorescent policy signs display store policies with higher impact.

Policy signs give you a way to communicate business policies to your customers. ShopSaleSigns offers retailers and businesses the opportunity to deliver their policies through a variety of means.

Our All Sales Final! Policy sign delivers the message clearly and is perfect for businesses that are having closeout sales or offer used products. This is a great sign for liquidations or moving sales and comes in a 6 x 9 inch display to help your customers understand your policies easily. This sign also comes in a 12 x 18 model for an even bolder statement. Printed on heavy cardboard for durability, this unit comes with one card per pack. Our No Food sign is perfect for retailers that do not want food, drinks or smoking in their establishments. This sign comes with two sizing options. Choose the 6 x 9 model for smaller businesses or the 12 x 18 model for larger store floors. This unit is made out of durable cardboard and is sold at 1 unit per pack.

For stores that specialize in fragile items, our Please Do No Touch sign is the perfect addition. Let customers know that they are not to touch the items without a salesperson present with our high quality, cardboard sign. Choose from a 12 x 18 model or a 6 x 9 model for your needs. Avoid smoking in your restaurant, office or retail store with our 12 x 18 No Smoking policy card. This card has a universal no smoking symbol and comes with fluorescent patterns so no customer will miss your company policy.